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Our people are our greatest asset they are the heart of our business. Our clients also tell us that we are great to work with.
C8 believes in giving back.  That’s why we pride ourselves on developing and running initiatives that benefit local businesses and the wider community.
Recognising a lack of networking opportunities in the Thames Valley, C8 established this highly successful senior-level networking forum in 2007.
C8 spotted the need to provide local businesses with a measure of economic and business confidence.

Today, companies need to understand how to incorporate new online channels into the mix and how to navigate those channels effectively to reach the audiences that matter most.  

The C8 team is insightfully brilliant, engagingly professional and thoughtfully creative. Our award-winning senior management team cover all key markets around the world. We have a strong commercial acumen combined with curious, creative mindsets and have worked across all business sectors. Collectively, there’s nothing that we haven’t seen, or done.

We hit the ground running, helping companies to find new ways to capture mindshare and accelerate away from the competition.

Pro-Bono Work for Charity Projects

Byte Night  
C8 has been a key supporter and sponsor of Action for Children's charity sleep-out event Byte Night since 2010. The annual industry sleep-out is now the leading charity event for individuals and teams from the IT, technology and innovation sector, raising funds to prevent youth homelessness. As a vice chair of Thames Valley Byte Night C8 founder Paula Elliott has upped brand awareness of the event resulting in a significant increase in revenue.
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