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If you’ve got a marketing project that you’re trying to get off the ground, here are eight great services that C8 can help you with:

C8 Public Relations
We are well connected, respected, and we deliver PR campaigns on-time and in budget for a range of clients in the UK, EMEA and across the globe. We provide high profile creative, strategic and results based campaigns that build brands, increase media awareness and raise profile.

C8 Copywriting Bureau
The quality of your content speaks volumes about your company and is highly influential in how customers and prospects perceive your brand and the product or service you provide. C8’s copywriting bureau comprises a team of experienced writers, publicists, ex-journalists who write copy for both online and print marketing campaigns.

C8 Design
We recognise that image is everything, therefore great design and branding is at the heart of all of our work. C8 has an experienced team offering a total design service.

C8 Digital Marketing and Social Media
Effective, active engagement across the right digital and social channels can amplify a marketing campaign in a very short space of time, we are expert at making sure you do this.

C8 Events and Roundtables
Every event C8 runs from large seminars to topical roundtables to intimate dinners are designed from the ground up so there is no challenge too big, too small or too difficult for C8’s respected and established event planning and management team.

C8 Research
Journalists are increasingly reluctant to write about technology solutions. Instead, they want to write about the context of an issue and the underlying trends. C8 creates research specifically designed to highlight a genuine issue to which its client are a credible solution.

C8 Media Training
C8’s media training is specifically designed to ensure that spokespeople are able to generate a positive opportunity for press coverage, as well as equip them with the right tools to handle less welcome press enquiries.

C8 Video Case Studies
Video testimonials are a compelling way to demonstrate how customers are using your products and services. We can help develop short endorsement clips or longer video case studies depending on your requirements.




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